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lingshan county, guangxi and silk co. ltd.

lingshan conuty guihe silk industry co.,ltd
add:xinxu town.lingshan county,guangxi

textile shop.

guangxi nanning
a shop: nanning qingxiu district dong ge road and no. 20 central park shops gui he silk textile 0771-5677061
two stores: nanning qingxiu district in the cambodian road no. 6 poly 21 family village shops jinling occupies 110 0771-5346631

west street qinzhou yongfu 52 gui he silk by   0777-2696855
qinzhou city qinzhou bay avenue years in square dream island on the third floor of gui alloy silk counter   0777-3898623
qinzhou city lingshan county jiangnan avenue spirit town government building the first floor of no. ten gui alloy silk was 0777-5168189
qinzhou xiaojiang town pubei county street gui he silk was 0777-8212899

liuzhou city, guangxi avenue sunshine city plaza, 100 dream island negative on the first floor of gui alloy silk quilt shop 15307729422

beihai city in the northern bay plaza and five ports lou gui he silk quilt shop 0779-3998676

guigang city nanning department on the third floor of gui and silk home textile shop 0775-4568519

hezhou city, the eight step zone on the third floor of nanning department store building gui he silk home textile shop 0774-3306255

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