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the mayor zhou hongbo led the team to our group of gula filature processing production base of research project
the mayor zhou hongbo led the team to our group of gula filature processing production base of research project
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 recently, the mayor zhou hongbo, municipal committee, forest green, the city government secretary-general liu zhilie at the municipal development and reform commission, the ministry committee, bureau of finance, land and resources bureau, agriculture bureau, bureau, traffic transportation, office of the main leadership accompanied by deep research into binyang enterprise production work.on march 8, the working group to my group subordinate ancient hot filature processing and textile production project site visit, understand the production and operation of an enterprise.on which group chairman, president gu xuezhen accompanied by working group, director of research and related production.


(zhou hongbo mayor to visit the factory)

on which the chairman of the board of directors lai yijun is briefly introduced in guangxiguihe group ancient hot filature processing and basic production experience in the textile production projects, business structure, corporate characteristics, etc. 

the ancient town of hot is the first town of binyang kind of mulberry the whole town mulberry field area of 32000 acres, with an annual output of 6 million kg of fresh cocoons, gross output value of 200 million yuan.establishing production base of more than one thousand acres of mulberry town, eight kinds of mulberry sericulture zhuanye village 15, small silkworm produced point 6, cocoon baking at nine, sericulture in scale of 192000 copies, initially formed to dragon forehead, liu village, mori bamboo as the center, six kiln, emerging as the node of silkworm industry, is one of the pillar industries of the town of rural economy.
guangxi guangxi group ancient hot filature processing and textile production projects with a total investment of 130 million yuan, covers an area of 107 acres, the project construction period for 18 months, after put into operation, with an annual output of 600 tons of white steam filature, output value of 200 million yuan, pay tax of more than 700 ten thousand yuan, providing more than 800 jobs.will improve after the completion of the project officially ancient hot silkworm industry circle, promote industrialization of silkworm industry towards.


(lead the team in the factory to visit the visit)

after investigation research of the working party, said will continue to guide sangnong optimize the silkworm industry upgrading, by expanding the mulberry field area, increase content of kinds of mulberry sericultural science and technology, vigorously popularizing silkworm varieties, production quality, prolong silkworm industry chain, promote the planting, processing and marketing integration, more effectively improve the power of the ancient spicy, to promote the development of silkworm industry towards industrialization, the escort for the enterprise production and operation.

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