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guangxi in 2011 the cocoon production in the summary and outlook
guangxi in 2011 the cocoon production in the summary and outlook
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guangxi 2011 silkworm cocoon production quick draws to a close, the silkworm cocoon price this year as a whole is not smooth, in the spring of cocoon price is higher, up to 45 yuan/kg, after all the way down, until the second half of the year fell to about 25 yuan/kg, through collection and storage of raw silk measures makes jianjia rebounded, duration is not long, but the rebound in the rebound to 35 yuan/kg, cocoon price sustained concussion and emerged as the purchasing and good show again somewhat weaker, guangxi has many parts of the late autumn of cocoon price in 33-35 yuan/kg this price segment.
tell from the production, the second half of guangxi cocoon harvest by the obvious, there are two main reasons for this, the first is the silkworm cocoon price all the way down, the confidence of the sericulturist sericulture, somewhat reduced the second half of the breeding of silkworm cocoon, another reason is that many local drought in guangxi, mulberry, slow growth is not enough sericulture leaves, which was forced to reduce the amount of sericulture, the silkworm raiser resulting in guangxi in the second half of the silkworm cocoon production decrease, but from the year, this year in guangxi cocoon yield is better progressly compared with last year, according to concerning sectional statistic, guangxi cocoon yield this year compared with last year, or 2.9% of the increase, and tell from the fazhongliang is also are so far, fazhongliang compared with last year's 2.5% generally speaking this year in guangxi cocoon production is relatively stable.
said, from the aspects of cocoon quality due to areas such as guangxi jingxi, the slope, lingyun sericulture development is rapid, and these areas are higher, at the same time the temperature is relatively low, production out of the cocoon quality generally can reach 5 a-class, small silkworm produced widely spread at the same time, the grid tuiguanglv also improved, so the overall quality of silkworm cocoon is also improved.
at present, a lot of area of silkworm cocoon production is nearing an end, not a lot of silkworm area because of drought in early cocoons, so at this time, we should not only summarized, at the same time also has a prospect to the silkworm cocoon production next year, inflation must be under control at present, the cpi has dropped to 5.5%, but so far countries did not loosen monetary policy, only to local fine-tuning, tell from the macro, over a period of time is still steady tightening of monetary policy is given priority to, so for a cocoon of enterprises in terms of cash flow is very difficult to get a substantial change, in addition, the european debt crisis, the u.s. debt crisis still haven't been solved fundamentally, and may at any time, so the cocoon the effect of the extroversion enterprise also is very big, in addition, the country this year to stabilize the silkworm cocoon price measures adopted for purchasing, has closed has put, if the silkworm cocoon price next year if too high, countries must be in conjunction with the discharge store to curb the prices of cocoon silk, so for the next year of cocoon price still has a lot of uncertainty, when next year cocoon production plan so not overly optimistic, at the same time, also cannot too pessimistic, must according to the macro economy and the international situation, seek truth from facts of silkworm cocoon production plan, so that the silkworm cocoon price is more stable.(china textile network)

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