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guangxi silkworm breeding standards approved by experts
guangxi silkworm breeding standards approved by experts
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recently,rural silkworm breeding technology procedures》local standards by the agriculture department of guangxi autonomous region, guangxi standardization association, guangxi autonomous region a nd station and other departments to the examination and approval of technical experts.the standards to fill the gaps in guangxi rural silkworm breed standard.

learned, guangxi cocoon production quantity for six years since 2005 in the country first, in 2010, guangxi sericulturist has reached more than 80 households, mulberry field area of 20 hectares, cocoon production of 214300 tons, accounting for one-third of the national output.but since there is no standard rural silkworm breeding, severely restricts the development of the local sericulture.aimed at this situation, earlier this year, xiangzhou county in guangxi pledges inspect bureau to apply for to the rural silkworm breeding technology regulation drafting, the process of standards, the relevant experts and technical staff, standard management personnel to collect the related national standard and a large number of literature for reference, and go deep into the farmers collect silkworm raising the whole information tracking, to early to prepare, mulberry leaf selecting cocoon, feeding, and adopted by the technical indexes such as repeated authentication.the local standards to regulate farmers raising silkworms, have important guiding significance to improve the quality of fresh cocoon.

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