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guangxi guihe group training: business etiquette
guangxi guihe group training: business etiquette
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 constantly learning, constantly enterprising has become a hot topic nowadays.on november 30, the group of companies invited to the venus teacher, have many years of experience in training for the staff conducted a special "business etiquette" special training, from all branch of the group of more than 200 management personnel with interest to participate in the study

(in etiquette instructor teach students the etiquette knowledge)

 during the course, everybody listened intently gold for the interpretation of business etiquette teacher, constantly record important details etiquette tips, the scene of the etiquette practice link is the atmosphere was pushed to the peak.when the teacher asked the students to kim drilling stage, the students have raised his hand and the laughter, we found his usual in various error arising from the social, more importantly, we learned a lot at ordinary times did not find the details of the problem.


(field practice, many students stood up to learn accordingly)


(the scene practice)

 students have said: "the original business etiquette is all around us, a lot of details didn't notice at ordinary times, after the teacher's guidance, we found that many of the mistakes of their usual, in the future must pay more attention on etiquette. such vivid course, let's have profited, hope the company more for such training, give us more opportunity to learn."
chairman mr on army when the summary statement said: "the development of guangxi close group, needs the positive efforts of all staff, i hope you can put this to use students, enhance their own professional quality, better display image of guangxi civilization. company also will provide more such training for employees, let employees have more 'charging' opportunities."

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