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the first international tropical - subtropical sericulture seminar held in binyang guihe silk industry factory
the first international tropical - subtropical sericulture seminar held in binyang guihe silk industry factory
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on september 13, 2013, sponsored by the chinese society of silkworm, agriculture department of guangxi  autonomous region, guangxi silkworm society, guangxi silkworm learn sericultural science institute to undertake the first international tropical-subtropical sericultural seminar held in guangxi nanning.binyang branch factory of guangxi guangxi close group, it's an honor to be elected to the meeting, held from vietnam, thailand, japan, uzbekistan, cuba, rwanda, ghana and other countries the sericultural areas of experts and scholars and the chinese society of silkworm part of member representatives nearly more than 100 people attended the meeting.


group chairman lai yijun delivered a speech at the meeting

first of all, in the group's chairman lai yijun, president gu xuezhen and related accompanied by the production director,the delegates visited can applied to small silkworm produced room air silkworm rearing room temperature humidity automatic control machine, water type air conditioner, light jane plastic silkworm box;applied in mulberry field intelligent agricultural spraying unmanned helicopter, high efficacy of hot smoke machine, crawler self-propelled orchard wind send sprayer;visited the big silkworm ground) straw cocooning frame rail car to feed of mulberry silkworm, squares automatically shangcu straw cocooning frame, squares shenglihua technology such as high efficiency mining cocoon machine combines a big silkworm shenglihua breeding new technology model;a visit to the silk reeling production workshop, such as sewage treatment process.delegates to these new technologies, new products of guangxi modern sericulture in the development of creative innovation achievements.

during the meeting, the chairman lai yijun in a warm speech, is highly regarded in the industry consensus, to open the new constitution historic silkworm industry development.

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